samedi 7 décembre 2013

You know when something arrives on your doorstep and you have to blog about It straight away...yeahhhh that! The beautiful people at La Moda Boutique have so kindly kitted me out, and ooh must I say that I am too In love! I can not wait to show you guys what I style these bags with, especially the blue and gold clutch! I think I may take the Tan one on my journey today!

If you love your handbags at amazing prices, La Moda Is definitely the place to check out.

The CICI bag (with the studs) £20
The Anna (without the studs) £20
And the London Clutch £16 - Just sold out

You can find these bags HERE, and HERE If you wish to take a closer peak! Have any of you purchased for La Moda?

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