vendredi 13 décembre 2013

Hey guys I just thought I would do a post on the hair I wear as I get quite a few questions about it,so at least If I give you the 411 here, you have something to refer to all the time.

So first off my hair Is from a company from Bleuribbon Hair as you may know I am one of their ambassadors, but as always this does not effect my opinion In any way ESPECIALLY when It comes to hair! I get asked so many times does It matt, does It shed and Is It thin......errrrm with the type of ocd person I am when It comes to hair, If any hair did any of those things It wouldn't have the pleasure of blanketing my scalp.

So lets get down to the nitty gritty, I wear 2 x 22" and 2 x 18" Peruvian straight In natural black, they also do a natural brown shade but If I'm honest the natural black has brown tones running though It that you can notice when the light hits it, I dyed my own hair a standard box dye 'dark brown' for It to blend.

As you can see from the pictures above or my youtube vids (If your subscribed) I do everything to this hair, I curl It, Straighten It, wave It and blow dry It! I've even coloured It (as you can see In the bottom left picture). I don't know If you would believe me If I said that I have had this hair for 4 months now, and the hair Is still just as amazing as the day It arrived. I'm sure It doesn't shed and If It does Its so minimal that I don't even notice, If I run my fingers through my hair and pull...nothing comes out! Its still really thick and the shine Is second to none. I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that I have had zero problems with this hair and Im actually shocked by how amazing It actually Is. I only feature and praise hair I love on my blog or my channel, because I think my readers only need to know about the best when It comes to what they put on or In their hair. So If your looking for some fresh weave I would definitely check these guys out, and If you dont believe me just check out all their testimonials on Insta and online, as well as all the pics...they kind of speak for themselves.

Anyway I will stop rambling on, but I knew some of you may want some fresh weaves coming up to Christmas and New Years, so I thought I would share my ambassador code here for once seen as Its always on my Instagram page. So If you decide to make your ribbon Bleu then you can use my code 'beautyandtheblog132' for a cheeky discount.

The Bleuribbon family Is growing from strength to strength with people wearing their hair from all over the world, and If your a lover of Love & Hip Hop like moi, and you follow Yandy Smith you would know she recently joined the team and Is also loving their hair....and my girl does not play! we all know she's not putting just anything on that beautiful head of hers.

Peruvian hair Isn't the only hair they sell, they also stock Brazilian and Malaysian ,so there Is plenty of choice for different hair types. They will also be stocking free part and middle part lace closure soon too, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Update see my 6 month update HERE
Update see my Malaysian hair HERE

If you guys have any questions, feel free to leave them below, you can also check out their site here

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