mercredi 2 octobre 2013

So Im forever blogging about sweet scents, so heres one for you guys who love something with a more sophisticated edge. Sisley Eau Du Soir In my opinion would be the perfect scent for the colder months, the intense musk and floral notes give you that feeling of wanting to wrap up warm. With nothing but 5 star reviews, this has to be one of those scents that you must have In your collection surely.....

What they say:
Refined, elegant and timeless: Eau du Soir offers inimitable charm and allure, day and night.
A rich, complex olfactory composition, Eau du Soir is a perfect balance between the freshness of citrus, the sensuality of floral and chypre notes, and the intensity of amber and musk.
The flacon is crowned with a sculptural 18-carat matte gold-plated stopper designed by Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof, making Eau du Soir a truly outstanding and timeless fragrance.
Key notes: citrus, floral, chypre, amber and musk

The Eau De Soir gift set would be the perfect gift for a birthday or perhaps Christmas (lets face It, It Is just around the corner!) The modern art deco packaging and decadent bottle, which may I add has a 18 carat matte gold-plated stopper, Is bound to put a smile on someone's face.

Sisley have a range of fragrances that are available at Harrods, so next time you pop In, be sure to get your sniff on.

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