lundi 5 août 2013

Everyone who's everyone know that I am a sucker for a tote bag! they come In all shapes and sizes and lets face It....they are the epitome of greatness.  

Sometimes If I haven't shopped In a while, I cruise the danger zone which Is the online world, whilst I stumble across many delights that belong In my bedroom, I also have to hold back the urge of giving my bank card a beating! On my latest cruise I came across a few beautiful tote bags that belong on my arm rather than Inside the world of my computer screen. 

Starting with my favourite and most expensive, we have the Mulberry Bayswater £1,500 , My second favourite Is the lovely Taupe Tote from French connection £90, My third Is the Oasis Hudson handbag £40, which to me resembles a Celine bag that I have had my beady eye on, and last but not least Is the Collection patent tote £39, I have always lusted after a black patent bag and could never find anything that had that certain something I loved, and this has It all.

I love totes and I always will, some may call It an Illness, I call It a very healthy addiction. Ate any of you guys loving totes at the moment?

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