mardi 6 août 2013

(RRP £11.99 BOOTS)

Hey guys, I just thought I would share with you one of my favourite mini brush sets, Its the EcoTools 5 piece complexion set. I have always loved EcoTools for their eco friendly ways and their uber soft brushes, and although this set Is mini It definitely packs a punch.

The set Includes:-

-Flat Concealer Brush- Great for getting Into those smaller areas that may need concealing, without getting a concealer overload.

-Buffing Concealer Brush- This brush gives your concealer an airbrushed finished, I find It blends the edges of the concealed area seamlessly leaving that area virtually undetectable.

-Precision Foundation Brush- Angle so that you can get Into every nook and cranny, this brush Is nothing but a godsend, any foundation I have used seems to go a long way with this and It blends out my foundation flawlessly.

-Complexion Blending Brush- I use this brush to apply powders such as bronzer or blush, Its fluffy enough to allow a natural application but dense enough for you to be able to build your colours up , without them looking cakey.

-Full Powder Brush- I use this to set my foundation with my favourite powder, Its soft to the touch and feels like a hint of luxury when brushed against my skin.

The brush that I use the most Is the Precision Foundation brush, I use It for my concealer highlight under my eyes and It works a treat at blending my products out seamlessly. Majority of the time size does matter, but the quality of this mini kit speaks more than volumes for Itself. Whether you need a travel kit or maybe a start up kit, I think these brushes would be a mini investment that you wouldn't regret.

Do any of you guys love EcoTools?

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