mercredi 24 juillet 2013

Hi guys, this post Is a tad random but I had to share It just for all Its gorgeousness! 

A few weeks ago I was surprised by a knock at my door followed by a bunch of pink roses and a Sanctuary Spa set (errrm bloggers dream). The roses were more than beautiful and I was definitely a happy lady! I transferred them Into a round fish bowl vase and with changing the water every couple of days they lasted about 2 weeks before some began to wilt.

Flowers are always the way to my heart and the roses were selected from Debenhams birthday range here, No! It wasn't my birthday but the surprise was lovely, can a girl really complain?

As well as Spa Set (which I can't wait to use for a mini pamper session) I also got a 15% off code that expires on the 31st of this month BATB15.  So If you want to be In someone's good books, or even If you have an occasion coming up, you can do It at a discount now and nobody will ever know...shhhhh Its our secret.

p.s theres a new video up on my channel, just click HERE to watch It.

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