mercredi 19 juin 2013

Can I just say I think I have found my new addiction, move over strappy heeled sandals and make way for the two piece. Never again will I stress over what to wear when I can fling on a matching crop and midi and fly out the door. I envisaged wearing this with my hair In a centre part and a bright red lip ( EEEERM HELLO WEEKEND!!!)

I posted this picture on my Instagram today and so many of you guys loved this piece, I do have a full post coming up which will include a neon crop they also sent me but seen as you all loved this ensemble so much I had to point you In the right direction. The pieces are from a site called , I found the skirt  for you guys HERE , but I cant spy the top. Hopefully It will be back In stock by the time my next post Is up.

Is anyone else loving two pieces as much as me?

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