dimanche 12 mai 2013

So last weeks weather In the UK was a bit weird, blazing sunshine one minute then gale force winds the next (someone please fly me too Miami) I posted a few pictures up on Instagram, and for those who don't follow me I thought I would share them here.

Day one: Top - Primark, Leather pants - H&M
Day 2: Top - some random shop near me, Jeans - DP Super Skinnies, Cross Necklace- Topshop. Later on I added a leather and tweed blazer which is from Choies.
Day 3- Black Maxi - H&M, Army Print Shirt - New Look
Day 4- Shoes- River Island, Baggy Bottoms - H&M , Black Crop - Primark, Leather Jacket - Topshop

I just want the sun to come out again : (

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