dimanche 26 mai 2013

Right so a few days ago I posted about these bad ass shoes...I ordered them straight away and the next day they arrived on my doorstep! As soon as they arrived I ripped gracefully opened the package and Immediately through them on my fee, prancing around like a  fool princess.

Many of you were asking If they were comfortable and the answer is YES! They have to be the most comfortable pair out of every pair of heeled sandals I own. I wore them out last night with no problems and no pain what so ever (which Is a big deal for me). One thing I will say that I was surprised about Is that, that metallic part, Isn't actually metal...which Is better because Its less likely to be of any discomfort when wrapped around your ankles. You can not tell that It Isn't actually metal until you touch It so no need to panic. I also have slim ankles and I had no troubles with the band area sagging as It Isn't adjustable.

One thing I noticed on the Next site Is that these shoes are available for Wide feet as well as Regular, and that they are also available In half sizes. If your not a fan of the white they are also available In black, but I just had to get the white as I have so many outfits floating around In my head that I can rock them with.

These shoes are available HERE

I think I kind of need to stop now because this addiction Is spiralling out of control....... errrm I couldn't resist ordering these babies to add to the collection.....

So I will stop from now......

Yeah right!

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