dimanche 18 novembre 2012

Hello everyone!
I've had a crazy week with so many exciting things - I took part in an amazing photoshoot / styling day with the amazing guys at Missguided , which not only were they very accomodating and a huge laugh, but they also made all us bloggers customised hangers. SERIOUSLY!

Anyway so I have been quite overwhelmed with everything but managed to get a few lovely pieces from You Wear Fashion on our ebay store!
I have a few accessories including collars, rings and phone cases to go up on our etsy store and when thats all done I can finalise the official website, which has more info about custom orders and just what it's all about.

Just thought for now I would show you my *favourite* piece which is this pink dip dye jumper with studs.

Pink dip dye jumper with studded shoulders, You Wear Fashion
Studded Cap, You Wear Fashion
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Spike Lita Lookalikes (£39.99) c/o daisystreet
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose

*DROOOL* I don't want to sell this, it's literally perfect. The length means its just like a dress, and it has quite a subtle fade to a darker pink/purple.
I finished it off with my favourite thing at the moment - a studded cap. Of course you can get one from the shop too!

Sorry it's a quick one - but let me know what you think of everything? Would genuinely love to hear your thoughts!
And please like You Wear Fashion on facebook - would be muchos appreciated!!!
Till tomorrow my friends!

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