mardi 13 novembre 2012

I'm going a little bit OTT with this jumper - I do thoroughly apologise. But hey, I wore this out the other day and this is an outfit of the day kinda blog, so I wasn't going to switch it up for the sake of looking a little different!

Burgundy knit jumper, c/o istyle
Yuki waterfall shirt dress, c/o fashion union
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote lookalike, ebay - £32
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, c/o soyoushoes
Gold layer necklace, mums
Triangle hand harness bracelet, You Wear Fashion (£10 - coming soon!)

I wore this when I popped into town the other day to pick up a few bits and it was kind of one of those things when you throw on a few things and it looks good. I like those outfits the best - I'm quite an analytical outfit putter togetherer and so for this to be completely random and look good was a huge thing for me!
The blouse/dress underneath my staple burgundy knit is so perfect for autumn. I was sent this like a year ago from fashion union and its a brand called yuki - and never got round to wearing it as It's quite a funny length. Perfect with tights and has a gorgeous shape to it :-)

I'm sorry I have been a little MIA (I say this but It's only been 5 days!) as I have finished the photoshoot for You Wear Fashion and oh my gosh, I am so proud of how it ha all come together. Tomorrow You Wear Fashion will have a full restock and new website, so please keep your eyes and ears on twitter and instagram for when it's official! :-) I've worked so hard on my designs and have been staying up late studding and hemming and sewing my little labels into my things. I really hope you like it, and thank you for being so patient. I'm glad I took that little bit of extra time to make it all perfect rather than rush!

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