mardi 27 novembre 2012

I feel a little annoyed that I am constantly blogging black outfits. It's like summer dissapears and so does any colour in my wardrobe?
I'm so sorry, I don't know if it is cause I'm ina style rut or what but hey ho.

Floral Doc Martens Lookalikes, OASAP - £60.84*
Faux leather vintage shorts, ebay - £30
Thirty Four Disciples Mesh Harness body, c/o RARE
John Lennon style round sunglasses, ebay - c/o ZEROUV
Black knit beanie, carboot - 50p
Skull & daggers necklace, c/o tentative decisions

* These boots were partially paid through a voucher for free and partially my own money

This body is so fierce, I have an obsession with all harness - esque clothing at the moment, which has made me ask for the coveted UNIF harness dress for my birthday, which a steep pricetag! I doubt I will get it but a girl can dream! I've also asked for some Hellbounds in either black or red but again - it's all a dreeeeam! It is my birthday 2 weeks after christmas though (I'm going to be 20 someone kill me now!) so hopefully I will have *something* Unif to add to my collection!

I also found my black beanie hat omg I have missed it so much. I'm one of those people that get attached to things, and this fits just so perfectly and was such a steal, that I felt really lost without it. I find that with alot of my vintage stuff because it's so 'one off' that its pretty irreplaceable, so I try and look after it as much as possible, which is probably why I don't wear it as much anymore!
I literally love these lookalike floral doc martens. I've wanted floral docs for as long as I can remember and the price tag is around £75+, so when I saw these on OASAP it was like fate! Perfect for winter aswell cause winter boots seem to be all samey samey and I really miss the floral print now that it's colder and gloomier.

Also I know I have ladders in my tights - please don't judge me ;-)

P.S. I recently instagrammed about the Jeremy Scott Bart Simpson Sweater lookalike on romwe I ordered. It was out of stock but it's back in now HERE- but hurry cause it's already come out of stock twice already!!

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