samedi 24 novembre 2012

There are endless reasons why I love Instagram and this is just one!

Whilst browsing the popular page I spotted the cutest jewellery. Being a fan of tiny pendants and charms I just had to take a peek at this persons site. now a little while back the only brand that seemed to cater for teeny gems were Dogeared, and I weren't too keen on spending £100 a go on a necklace just because the charm was the size of a penny.

That aside I am now fully in love with this esty sellers site which you can find HERE .....

There are so many pieces I have fallen in love with, and all the prices range around the $20 mark which in the UK is about £13....SCORE!

I'm seriously too in love! this site fulfills all my jewellery needs...hello Christmas list!

You can check out their insta @anniep1124

So what do you think....are you in as much love as I am...?

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