lundi 19 novembre 2012

'Oh Kavita, where are you?'
Well my good friends, I am (or was) in a warehouse which is very run down and probably not stable. It is right across from the big Tesco where I live and is very hidden, but easy to get to so whilst me and James popped to tesco I just thought 'Hey, lets get off my boring street and find a nice backdrop'

And I'm glad I did because this whole outfit is too amazing to be shown on a boring street.

Black Milk Lookalike Cosmic / Galaxy print bodycon dress, c/o Romwe
Leather Black UNIF Hellbound / Big Lita Lookalike, c/o Missguided
Faux Leather gold studded jacket, c/o Missguided

I was very fortunate enough to get to do an exciting photoshoot (wow I've mentioned this is my last 3 posts now haha!) with some lovely bloggers at Missguided, and got to take away a few items that we wore. I don't think anyone can deny that this Leather studded jacket just screams kavita, and it is so nice on!

The Galaxy dress is me getting one step closer to owning anything remotely like Black Milk clothing. If you haven't heard of black milk just click on their name. Right now. Your purse will hate me later for it though ;-) Anyway, I saw this dress on Romwe and thought ooooh go on then, after I saw a few lookbookers wearing it - and I am so shocked at how good the quality is! It's not the same as this galaxy dress from black milk, but its close enough!! And only $42 - which is only £26!!! I'm not going to lie, this dress is massive on me (it's one size only aswell - boo!) and I would say it's probably an 8/10 maybe I dont know I am awful with sizes! I actually pinned it in this photo but it's still large on me! I love it though, its very show stopping! I am actually hoping to get the genuine Black Milk cosmic leggings off my mum for christmas - so fingers crossed I will be all galaxied up! ;-)

And finally. These are my new favourite shoes. Just would like to thank Missguided for making my dreams come true (and seriously I'm not joking!) After seeing Sara who works there and is also one of my favourite bloggers, instagram about these gorgeous shoes, I went on the website and popped them on my wishlist. The amazing thing about these shoes is how they look very similar to the UNIF hellbounds (also another thing on my christmas list!) But actually IDENTICAL to Jeffrey Campbells own lookalike version of the hellbounds.. The Big Lita.

Guys, these shoes are not only massive (yay for us little uns'!) but they are hella comfortable. These even beat my - dare i say it? - coveted faux spike daisystreet litas!!

Sorry for so much rambling, and sorry everything is c/o
I love everything altogether and just thought it looked fieeeerce!

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