jeudi 29 novembre 2012

I first fell in love with knit wool shorts when I saw them in topshop. I don't know what it is about the colder months, but it seems to be the perfect excuse to get your knit on, whether it be jumpers, hats, skirts - it's everywhere!
I picked up these shorts from a charity shop quite some time ago now. They were of course an absolute steal at £2.50! They are originally H&M, and to my surprise even further they are a UK size 4. Yeah, I didn't realise many shops did 4's either! I was wary they probably wouldn't fit me as I'm nowhere near a 4, but cause they're elasticated they are fine!

H&M Grey knit wool shorts / knickers, charity shop - £2.50
Black crop shirt / blouse, c/o Bows and feathers
Double platform studded creepers, ebay - £19.99
Black knitted turban, c/o missguided

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When I recieved this crop blouse I knew I wanted to team the two together. The blouse is perfect in every way possible. I love cropped things as they fit hand in hand with high waisted bottoms (which are my favourite<3) and it looks amazing with my romwe skirt too! The leather look collar makes it a little *different* too. I love shirts and blouses but think they're all samey samey atm so having a crop one was a dream come true ;-) I've been after the perfect knit turban forever. First scoured ebay and only just missed out on a black topshop one. Went on ASOS and they only had orange and grey left.. and then missguided answered all my prayers (yet again!) I'm a bit of a turban fanatic atm, and it's perfect because it's knit so it's nice and snug!

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