jeudi 8 novembre 2012

Is anyone getting sick of Autumn yet? Well, I'm not - and for someone that loves her summer clothes, I am surprisingly getting into the spirit of all things cosy!
You're probably thinking 'Hey, I'e seen that bag and jumper combo before' .. yes, contrary to popular belief, bloggers do wear the same clothes twice! Infact every single thing in this outfit has been worn on this blog at least once.

Vintage floral skirt, charity shop - £4
Burgundy knit jumper, c/o istyle
Proenzer Schouler PS1 lookalike satchel c/o istyle
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, c/o soyoushoes
Grey Hand Knitted Snood, Ebay - £9

I wore this skirt infact a while back (a year ago now!) in summer, and think it's the PERFECT' fall skirt. Seriously, look at the colour! It's amazing. And it's a Thursday, so of course it is thrifted! My mum picked it up from a bootsale over a year ago and it was super duper long, so of course she cut it up and voila. Unique Floral Autumn skirt <3 I'm also not a huge person on the 'top knot' cause everytime I try and do it I fail miserably but it looks pretty lovely in these pictures! Hope you are all well, and did you see my feature in this weeks LOOK magazine? Let me know what you thought!

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