jeudi 1 novembre 2012

Hello all!
I am currently in Somerset, spending a large amount of time with the hens and sheep in the back garden of thr house we have rented out, and chilling in the mahoooooooosive jazcuzzi outside. It is amazing!

I've opted for comfort for my time here, and also many layers as it has been fairly chilly! I wore this on the first day as we pottered around Clarks Village Outlet in Somerset where I bought some books for my family from the works which were super cheap. We then popped along to cineworld in Yeovil to watch Skyfall - good film, not great but I am not really a 'bond' kinda girl!

H&M Baseball College Jumper, carboot - £1.50
Leggings, Primark - £4
Low Top All Star White Converse, c/o Zalando
American Flag Print Bobble Hat, Ebay - £6.99

I feel like I look very 'American College Student-y' in these photos!
I love my baseball jacket I picked up from the carboot for £1.50! I really wanted it when it was actually originally in H&M, but never got a chance to! I was over the moon when I found it for so little, it was a size 16 which I was so shocked by as it fits like a glove haha - definitely can't imagine how tight a 6 would have been! :|

Sorry I haven't posted my cat outfit yet as you can tell I am crazy busy!
Will get round to everything asap!
Much love!

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