samedi 20 octobre 2012

Before all of you scream and shout at me for wearing things that are not weather apporpriate, understand that this wasn't supposed to be an 'outfit of the day' - I obviously didn't wear this out. Although if I was brave enough in the summer I hope I would :-)
OH and yeah no idea why my legs look so PALE in some of these photos. I can assure you I am very brown allover in real life I have no idea why it looks so weird!

American Flag Print Bobble Hat, Ebay - £6.99
American Flag Print Oversized Glitter Sweater, c/o Fashio Union
Iron Fist American Flag Print Wedges, c/o FYFO

I wanted to pretty much just show off (yet again!) my love for all thing flag print. I absolutely lvoe and live in my missguided American flag top, however when I recieved this from Fashion Union I fell in love. It's definitely a very true representation on the 'star spangled' banner.. hehe ;-)

I also love love love this bobble hat and think you should all go out and buy it :-)
It's originally from the mens primark section, but you can get ut off ebay here here & here!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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