samedi 8 septembre 2012

*BIG DISLAIMER : The lace body I am wearing is sheer, but has nude material sewn into the breast area, I am not exposing my breasts, just thought I'd mention that as it's not actually obvious!!!*

I always kinda saw Bank as a little 'chavvy', as they stocked brands not particularly to my taste, i.e. Superdry, Pauls Boutique, etc, Everytime I ever popped into their store in meadowhall when I used to work there, I used to always see things I liked, a little like Republic. Hidden gems inside a shop which on the outside looks completely the opposite of my taste! So when they asked me to choose something I was quite excited.

House Of Dereon Maxi Leopard Print Slit Skirt, c/o Bank
Topshop Black Sheer Lace Body, Ebay - £5
Large circle sunglasses, ebay - £6.39
Floppy Black Summer Hat, Primark - £6 (last year)
Celine Lookalike Clog / Wooden Wedge platform, ebay - £30

I hopped on their website and found this beauty of a skirt. Seriously, I can't get over how incredible it is. As a short girl (5ft and counting!) people always think you can't wear maxi's. Well I've always said I don't give a toss if people like to think that cause I wear them anyway! The slit in this skirt is perfect for that little flash of flesh too!
It's by 'House of Dereon' - which is Beyonce and Tina Knowles brand. It's pretty perfect, basically, and so are all the other pieces by them!
This lace body is literally my favourite thing ever, and like my disclaimer says, I am not exposing my breasts haha, although it definitely looks like it which is super awkward - I may have to sew in some black material just so it looks less risque.

I've been doing stuff for my store, but the restock will be 2 weeks away I think as I'm sorting stuff for London Fashion Week! I am mega stressed, I'm not too sure what to wear and I'm going down for 4 days instead of 3 now and it's all very hectic but I'm ao excited! If you are around at all please let me know and I'd lvoe to meet up with people there!! :-) Hope you are all well!

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