vendredi 24 août 2012

Hey everyone - hope you are well!
Apparently the weather is ging to SUCK over the bank holiday weekend! Up here it's actually been okay, and fairly warm, which is definitely a rarity in Sheffield!

'Supermarket' tee, c/o Brashy Couture
Lace Cycling shorts, ebay - £6
Jeffrey Campbell Clinics, ebay - £50
John Lennon style round sunglasses, ebay - c/o ZEROUV
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose
Vintage high waisted Levi shorts, ebay - £25

I absolutely love this tee I got from brashycouture - it goes with everything and it super comfy! I wasnted to team this with my riding pants but cause it was fairly warm I just wore my standard vintage Levi's and my lace cyling shorts I got off ebay a while ago! I actually got them which are by H&M, buttt you can still get them from here! They are a little different than mine but they are amazinggg under shorts and dresses! and very flattering to thighs which is a plus for me! I teamed it with my beanie (as always!) and my clinics which are just beeautiful!

Hope you've all been well and not been too depressed by the weather!
I've just looked out my window and it's started raining haha - sods law!

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