mardi 7 août 2012

Todays weather was so strange - rainy one minte and boiling the next! I'm so hesitant to go crazy with summer fashion with shorts and bare legs because the next time you look it will be raining!
I haven't really been up to much other than working on my youwearfashion stock (restocked last week take a lookie!) with some of my favourites being sold. It's always really depressing selling things that I took so long designing and making!
I feel so bad that I have been quite inactive blogging wise! I have been keeping up to date with my tumblr though if you would like to follow me - I find it so inspiring to think of ideas with how to wear certain things etc!

Peace dress, worn as top - £8 c/o popcouture
Beanie hat, carboot - 50p
Cross double ring, ebay - £1
Snake ring, ebay - £6.40
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, ebay - £35
American Apparel Riding pants, ebay - £35

Also absolutely love this beanie hat! Thanks to the gorgeous Lua from lookbook, I've decided to rock it, even thoguh it's not my 'usual' style. I don't know if you've noticed.. but I dyed my hair! I darkened it further down so my ombre is only really on the tips! Do you like it? I actually prefer it so mch. It makes my hair look longer and isn't as in your face. It fades much nicer and I just love it so much!

Hope you guys have had a good weekend! Me and James are FINALLY going to see Batman tomorrow as its the only time we've both had off, can't wait!

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