jeudi 9 août 2012

Hello Everyone! Hope you are well!
I can't believe how sunny it has been recently, seriously - and I've heard down in London it's even hotter!
I've had Olympic fever too which is probably to do with the fact Yorkshire has done ridiculously well - especially fellow sheffielder Jessica ennis!

Primark neon yellow oversized vest / dress, carboot - 50p
Black beanie hat, carboot - 50p
Double platform studded suede creeper lookalikes, ebay - £19.99

So I went to the carboot Sunday (surprise surprise) and was so happy to find this oversized vest dress! It's a gorgeous light neon yellow in a drop arm hole style with a racer back - my perfect style of vest! It's so comfy and light (and slightly see through lol woops) and the beanie was 50p and sits perfectly on my weird tiny head.
I also got these creepers recently which I'll talk more in depth about in their own post but voila! The dress is my favourite find of the year so far I think - its just so versatile!

Sorry for posting this fairly late and being crap - I went to meadowhall today and had a little bit of a splurge. And when I mean splurge, I mean getting essentials such as pants, bras and hoodies haha!

Hope you are all well!

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