jeudi 10 mai 2012

When beauty bloggers get bored what do they do, they search the interwebs for nail art-spiration in hope for something cute that they just might be able to create a post from... well that's what I do anyway!

I was getting a bit bored of my nails so searched the net for something cute yet basic to spice things up a little. I saw a lot of pictures of tiny moustaches and decided I would give it a whirl myself and this is the finished result.

The moustache is easy to create, I used a black nail art pen but if you want to cheat just use black liquid liner.

I used YSL Beige Leger as my base colour, this shade is from their most recent La Laque Couture collection, which includes 30 timeless shades to represent the couture legacy. If your a fan of YSL nail polish I really would check out the collection as they have some amazing colours, this particular shade can be found HERE

I used to do quite a few nail posts in the past, I think I may start dabbling back in that area again...

So what do you guys think on these teeny moustaches, cut no....

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