mercredi 9 mai 2012

So some time ago now I was sent some Foxy Locks extensions, so long ago now in  fact that my hair colour has changed so I'm reviewing the second pair I own, which I actually bought myself.

I was originally sent a Deluxe (£74.00, 160g of hair) set in #2 Darkest brown  which you can see me sporting in this video HERE ,    the ones you can see pictured above are the Deluxe set in #6 Chestnut brown. If you have quite thick hair like myself I do advise that if you plan on investing in a set of these extensions, the deluxe set is the way to go, the hair is 20" long but can be trimmed down to your desired length. As you can also see they are a perfect match to my current hair colour ( I don't know what this is people! I coloured my hair blond, hated it so dyed it brown and when I washed my hair this it what happened lol) I'm so in love with them its a joke, they are thick, shiny and very easy to style, and I love the fact that when you take them out the packet, they have a fresh blunt cut so your hair looks stupid healthy.

You can probably tell that I love these seen as I purchased another pair myself, but that aside I can honestly vouch for their durability because I put my first pair through their paces. Like I said a few months back I went from dark brown locks, to blond and so did my extensions.

.... As you can see they are still in perfect condition. I stayed blond for about 3 days before I hated it and went back to brunette as did my extensions haha! they were still in good nick but all that bleaching and colouring did cause them to have the odd split end, but nothing blatantly noticeable. I still wore them but as I washed my hair the colour started changing so I decided to invest in another pair rather than colouring my extension yet again to a colour I probably couldn't match.

Iv washed them a bunch of times, the key to this is make sure you use a deep conditioner. You can let them air dry but I like to blow dry mine for that little bit of added shine. Hairspray is not your friend when wearing any form of hair extensions, it dries them out and makes them gather, so if you have to use it, do so sparingly.

I hope I haven't left anything out, If I have feel free to ask any questions. I have linked all the colour and the site within the post but for those that may have missed it, click HERE

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