jeudi 12 avril 2012

Some of you may have seen my post on the studded Jeffrey Campbell Litas about a month ago. I craved them and needed them in my life, yet my gruelling search of the interwebs still left me crying into my pillow at night. I gave up and realised I may just have to accept I will never find a pair to crown my feet with... sad times : (


When leaving Stratfield I decided to pop into Linzi shoes and at the corner of my eyes I spied these beauts! I tried them on immediately and fell in love, but then the stress kicked in and I had to make the decision of getting them in suede or leather....... 30 min later I decided on the leather and my friend that was with me had also fell in love and decided to pick up the suede. At £50 these were definitely a steal and make any outfit look amazing. I have searched the Linzi site and I cant see them on there but I did get a message from my friend earlier saying she found some on ebay.

I haven't worn them out yet, I must admit I'm scared to encase I drop but then if I do, at least ill be dropping in style!

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