samedi 21 avril 2012

Tonight we're going out for food with my boyfriends family, and it's his sortof 'birthday meal'
As soon as I recieved this dress, I knew it had to be a 'date night' feature. It is so beautiful and light, had really gorgeous gold detailing on thr front, but is not too in your face. I absolutely LOVE the cross back aswell, although I really hate my back, I wanted to show you the detail as it's too pretty to go unnoticed! I'm also wearing my standard and comfy gold heels, but I've popped the ebay link this time because I know peoples proms are coming up & these were great gold strappy platform heels for mine and I lasted in them all night! & They're only £8 and come in black & silver ;-)

Black & Gold grecian style dress, c/o Sugarlips Apparel
Gold House of Harow inspired headpiece, c/o Unique Accessorize
Gold platform heels, ebay - £8

If you follow me on instagram, you will have seen me post about this new gorgeous headpiece that I was very fortunate to receive. It is from an ebay seller called unique accessorize, & She sells loads of House of Harlow inspired bohemian pieces, and I know I'm going to wear this all the time. It's so so so amazing and looks ridiculously expensive. I'm getting really into the summer bohemian and tribal kinda look at the moment! She has a few different designs which she stocks & I would say they suit any kind of head shape. If you haven't noticed, I have what I like to call, a '3 finger forehead'. It's TINY. I've never been able to have a fringe etc because theres just not enough room! This headpiece still fits quite snuggly on my head, which is quite rare! It is also adjustable, which I think it quite handy!

My hair is SUPER STRAIGHT. I know, I know. I think it just looked better like this with the headpiece and it looks crazy flat on the photos haha. You can see my ombre really well though & I'm super happy with it! I've had great feedback off everyone and you've all been so nice, so thankyou! I'll be doing a little tips and tricks DIY ombre post soon so if you want to dye it but aren't sure, keep an eye out because I just did it with cheap dyes (about a tenner altogether for bleach x3 & brown hair dye!) and it turned out lovely (I think anyway hehe)

Off to go for the meal now, will be such a nice evening and can't wait to have a good pigout! We've chosen a lovely Prezzo & I've never been - but Pizza is my faaaavourite! I had a Pizza hut Thursday, A Dominos yesterday and now today - I think I have a slight problem!

Have a fabby weekend guys - hit the charity shops today and so have a few things I want to show over the next few weeks :-)

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