samedi 17 mars 2012

I love the mint colour right now, it fits really well with all the pastels knocking about - can't wait to rock it even more now the sun is becoming more frequent! This one is another Glamorousuk beaut, it's really sheer and light.

Mint sheer pastel blouse, c/o Glamorousuk
Black pleated faux leather skirt, H&M - £19.99
Finsk pink wedges, Gift
Black DIY studded clutch, gift (studs, ebay)
Turquoise stone ring, Primark - £2

I'm becoming busier & busier as the days go on! Aswell as my internship at FOLKSY, I'm off to London on wednesday for the Look event, which I'm super duper excited about! I love going down to London and seeing all my favourite bloggers! I'm not sure what to wear, I'm thinking THIS OUTFIT, but I'm always unsure as the weather is so unpredictable right now. The dress is another Glamorousuk (you can tell they're my favourite at the moment, right?) and I'm desperate to wear it! I'll also be at the Motel event coming up at the end of the month - let me know if I'll see any of you :-)

I have lots of outfits to show you guys & I'm sorry I've lacked recently! I'm trying to post once every two days, and sometimes it's just not possible with my schedule - but I'm definitely a 'frequent' blogger I would say, and I'm getting better!
I've also been hitting up the carboot circuit which means I can start stocking my ebay shop more & more, along with getting some handmade collars into a big cartel shop (which I am ridiculously excited about!) If you haven't seen any of my collars, take a little sneak peek on my instagram , username : shewearsfashion !

Phew! Super busy, but I hope you guys still stay with me!
Have an amazing weekend dolls!

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