mardi 13 mars 2012

I really wish I wore these shoes more, they’re actually so comfy and really make a statement in every outfit!

Finsk pink wedges, gift
Knitted jumper, carboot - £1
Necklace, c/o Tentative Decisions
Black DIY studded clutch, gift (studs, ebay)
Leather leggings, gift

I decided to do a little DIY on my clutch bag that James bought me for Christmas by adding studs onto it from ebay. I think it looks pretty good, even though it was quite a rushed job!
I had my kindof ‘induction’ day at my internship today which was really lovely, and it’s all really exciting and new for me! I also went to a carboot on Sunday (did you see how sunny it was!?) and it was rammed, when usually its pretty dead! Got a few good bargains including the jumper I’m wearing, and will do like a mini haul of a few of the things I got soon :-)
Just a quickie post! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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