mardi 20 mars 2012

I used to do wishlists once a week - but admitedly I'm not a big shopper of new and high street things - I'm such a second hand shopper it's insane! So It's going to be a new monthly installment of things I've been lusting after instead!
I took outfit photos today and they turned out poop - nothing worst :-( I'm off to the look event tomorrow so an outfit post should be up Thursday at the latest. Sorry folks!

1. Asos Ablaze Floral Wedge - You guys know I'm a shoe person, and more importantly *killer wedges*. They are so beautiful, and are definitely number one on my wishlist right now! I'm unsure of what I would even wear them with but they would just look so pretty sat on my shoe shelf ;-)

2. Yves Saint Laurent Purple Lipstick - I'm after a dark purple lipstick, just need to find the right one! I like this YSL one, but not the pricetag. Any recommendations for cheapish lipstick brands? I like reallt moistirising ones as I have fairly dry lips!

3. Layer 'Aten' Necklace - I want a necklace like this to layer on top of a casual white tee and skinny jeans in summer - when it's too chilly for shorts of course!

4. Missguided 'Blair' Contrast Blouse - Wowwee missguided, always has something that I want and this blouse is so so so pretty. can just imagine it with leather leggings and oversized sunnies, just need the sun now (oh and the blouse, hehe)

5. Mellor Ware Jug - Mellor Ware is a brand that I only know of really because of my boyfriends parents. His mum owns some of the jugs,mugs, tea towels and artwork (shes a big fan!) and they are so quaint and pretty.

Hope you are all well!
What are you lusting after this month?!

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