mercredi 25 janvier 2012

St Michael striped breton jumper, thrifted - £1
Topshop leather leggings, gift
Chunky knit red scarf, primark - £3

I went to meet a friend for a coffee and hit up a few charity shops, and wore a pretty casual outfit. Really love jumpers with leather leggings at the moment - although the leggings aren't the warmest thing in the world!

Also got some treats from a local chinese supermarket and couldn't help showing you..

They also had live crabs/lobsters and aloe vera juice?! I love eating foods from different places - especially the sweet things!

I'm off to a gig on thursday in Leeds, one of my favourite band from being a teen - oh yes - panic! at the disco! They've always had a special place in my heart ;) and I'm being the adult with my little sister and her friend. I went last year by myself and loved it - but my god, I'm such a wimp at gigs, I'm so tiny I just get thrust around everywhere! I think I'll keep it quite basic and wear a bustier and leather shorts like I did last time.
I'm also off to the very event in London on friday, and then the zomg blogger bash on monday - let me know if any of you are going! It's going to be a busy week for me to say the least!

OH And I've made a facebook page for she wears fashion, just so when I do a new post and people aren't on the blogger dashboard, they can still see :) Just like my facebook page HERE :-)

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