mardi 24 janvier 2012

Hey ladies..... If your anything like me you feel free to test the risky waters of the red lip indoors, but don't feel brave enough to take to the streets just encase that bold statement turns into a bold disaster.

WELL...... DuWop has developed a colour changing lipstick called Private Red ( think mood rings, but in lipstick form) that adapts to the person wearing it to create your own personal shade that matches you. Being the first of its kind this lippie will transform one simple shade into an endless amount of hues. So basically its one colour to suit all! 

Private Red consists of 3 naturally derived pigments- annatto ( for a rich pigment base) , hibiscus (for gentle antiseptic properties) and henna ( for a long lasting lip stain) as well as the technology behind the classic "mood lipsticks".
I found that this lipstick applies smoothly and feels moisturising on the lips, and after 5 minutes of wearing it, I have my personal shade. 

The Privates lipstick collection also include Private Nude and private plum. ( I want the nude lol)

RRP £19.00 Available from HERE  but its currently on sale with 26% off so its a little cheaper, If your going to grab t, id make that move now.

Do I love the idea... Yes! will I brave the outside world with red lips.... I think maybe I will *flicks hair* haha!

So what do you think, will you be going all "private" with your lippie

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