vendredi 23 septembre 2011

[Colours swirled together]

In the past these babies have been dubbed the dupe of Bobbi Browns shimmer bricks and I can see why. Except if you don't want to go down the high end road, you can pick these up for  £9.99 (currently on deal for £8.49 online)

If your into your highlights and iridescent shimmers then one of these stacks will do the job for you. With each stack containing 5 shades and with 3 different stacks to choose from (pink, gold and bronze) there's one to suit everyone.

The stacks in the pictures above are the gold and the pink. I must say at present the gold is my fave. I use the top colour in the stack daily to highlight my brow bone and swirl the golds together to give my cheeks a subtle golden glow.

I originally thought that these stacks would be packed with glitter before I opened them, but to my surprise they weren't. They give you more of a sheen/glow to the skin rather than that, 'I just dipped my face in some glitter' look, which nobody really wants.

 I find that they are best applied lightly with a large fluffy brush or a duo fibre brush. I tend to apply mine in a 'C' shape, from my cheek bone to my brow bone lightly blending as I go.

I have had these for some time now and I honestly think that its one of those products that will last a while, as one swirl goes a long way. I did try and take pictures of each of the colours in the stack individually but my crappy camera just wasn't picking up the colours! I managed to get a picture of all the shades swirled together to give you a rough idea of what I'm rambling on about. So next time your in Superdrug, have a little swatch of your own.

You can pick these up at Superdrug or here

Have any of you tried these, what are your thoughts.....?

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