lundi 15 août 2011

 Hey all, sorry I haven't posted in a while, Windows 7 decided to update my laptop and now my wireless refuses to work. It still isn't working but luckily I can run the net through my phone. Hope it starts working again soon.

Anyway.... after watching Lisa Eldridge's latest vid on the new french mani, I just had to have a go. Check the vid HERE . The idea is, is that you paint your tip around the nail rather than across it, which is good for those with shorter nails as it gives the illusion that they are longer.

I kind of adapted my mani for my nail shape as they are naturally pretty square, but if you go for a more oval shape, this mani will definitely be a doddle.

The colours I opted for were Nude Beige and Purple Rain, both from Models own

I must say I am loving the new french, I may try this out with a matte tip next.

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Also for those of you that have a spare min and would like to make my day, you can also vote for me in the cosmo blog awards ( big pink button in the side bar) under beauty and then established blogger.

Also a big thank you to everyone that follows my blog, I recently passed the 2000 mark, another little milestone in my eyes so cyber hugs to you all ..x

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