mercredi 17 août 2011

When I hear the word Sudocrem, I automatically think grey tub, nappy rash and babies bums ( Might be a mum thing) but the smell automatically takes me back to changing nappies. So when I had heard they had released a squeezy tube skin care cream, I was slightly intrigued.

I was expecting a different formula and scent to go along with the miniature sized squeezy tube, but I didn't get what I expected.The cream was still its usual thick consistency along with the trade mark scent.Not one to judge something off first glance, I carried this around in my bag waiting for the perfect moment to whip this out..... this moment never happened *face palm* so I decided I would try it out on the annoying dry patch that I seems to make an appearance on my face once a year.

I removed  my make up and trialed this at night, as I naturally suspected a thick cream like this to be quite greasy. I used a teeny bit and smeared it on the patch, and used the remaining cream on my cheeks and forehead.

To my surprise when I woke the next day the dry patch was a lot less 'dry' and my cheeks were really soft... who knew!!!!  I kept using it and now the dry patch is barely there. I never would have thought that this cream would have helped me in any way. Its worth checking out if you have any skin problems.

I would have personally preferred a thinner formula and a lighter scent, but hey ho you cant have it all I suppose....

RRP £1.99 available from drugstores and chemists

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