lundi 1 août 2011

If your a lover of beachy or bohemian locks this tool is for you. Gone are the mini wavers that give you more of an 90's crimped look and in is the Amplify Jumbo Waver from Enrapture, that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Titanium plating
Variable heat settings
Spring and lock handle
Jumbo sized barrels
Style guide
Heat protection pouch

When I took this baby out of the box ,I was shocked at how big it was, its massive!!!

It was easy to use and it has a lockable handle to keep it shut when not in use. Unlike the old wavers, this springs open rather than snapping shut, so you have the control over the heat and pressure applied to your hair. It also has a number of different heat settings (see pic 4) so whatever your hair type, your bound to find a setting that suits you.

I am a lover of big hair, messy hair, tousled hair, wavy hair..... pretty much anything that looks neatly un-kept (If you get what I mean) so this tool is basically my new best friend.

Other tools in the range include the Encode Totem styler (£74.99)- Which has 3 independent heat zones that can be set to different temperatures using the encoder dials. -Available from 15th August

And the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers(£74.99)- Which I will be reviewing and posting up here for you soon.- Available from the 1st September

The waver also retails at £74.99- Available 15th August

Click HERE for stockist  and HERE to check out their site 

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