samedi 16 juillet 2011

A little while ago a group of chicas on twitter were twit picking each other this sexy bag.....errrrm hello I want in people, and of course I got in lol

At the time this sexy little Wang Rocco knock off (if you must) was only available from buyers abroad. So I decided to be a patient bunny and hold out until a UK ebay seller caught wind of this so I could order from them. I ordered from HERE for those of you already screaming at the screen where did I get it. The one I ordered is sadly out of stock, never fear though, there are a few other UK sellers doing there thing in the Wang *cough* inspired game.

All together including p&p this baby came to £32 which isn't bad for the size and quality of it. Even though I still lust for this one HERE and I vow to have it sitting in my room by the end of the year (after I get my car!) this baby is definitely my new friend *looks in mirror, puts shades on and pouts*

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