dimanche 26 juin 2011

Lovers of Sleek MakeUp Palettes I introduce "Oh So Special"  the latest addition to the i-Divine family...
 Oh So Special is the perfect palette for the everyday girl, comprising of everyday beige shades through to sultry smokey eye night time greys. The colours are very pigmented, although you may be wondering why there is a gap in the bottom row of my swatches.... errrrm I'm just weird colour and the eyeshadow (The Mail) is exactly the same colour as me : /

My fave colour in the Palette is 'GATEAU' not only is it slightly reminiscent to the famous Rose Gold blush, but I think as well as an eyeshadow, it could possibly double up as a really nice highlight. (I shall test this theory)

The palette is available in Superdrug stores in July as well as online usual price of £6.49

Will you be adding this to your wish list?

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