mardi 21 juin 2011

Whilst standing in line at H&M I noticed that they had placed a row of polishes at the counter. Not one to turn a blind eye I slightly lent out of the queue to take a peek. They had some lovely colours but for some reason this one stood out to me. Call me boring and bland if you like, but I feel that my choices at the moment are clearly reflecting the weather..... GREY!

 It could be my eyes or the fact I'm impartial to seeing what I want, but I'm pretty sure I detect a hint or purple up in this polish *friend looks at me* "NO Mich....its grey!" errrm ok so maybe my eyes are messing with me a bit, but it is a lovely shade of grey (cant believe I even said that )

At £2.99 I shall definitely be checking out the other colours. One coat was enough although I always go for two just for good measure. The polish is a nice consistency and it applied nicely. If any of you have tried the polishes from this range and would recommend a specific colour ,do let me know.

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