samedi 18 juin 2011

Left to right: Hot Lips, Lip Lover, Loudmouth and Strawbery FatBalm

Fat Balm + Liptastik = Fat-Tastick... ahhh you like what I did there don't ya, I just keep the fun coming! *flicks hair*

I don't usually share products that I haven't had a chance to road test, but if I'm impressed by them withing the first few minutes its definitely worth the a share.

Many of you have probably seen the latest additions to Eyeko but if your late like me you haven't, so let me fill you in....
The Fat Balms have been around for a while now, but they had a little revamp and some new shades were added. As for the Liptastiks they are fairly new I believe and I haven't really seen much hype about them and I'm not sure why. At first glance I was expecting them to have a dry crayon type finish, but oh how I was wrong when I swatched them. Smooth with a mid gloss finish, so I applied the red to my lips and omg, I'm fully in love. Firstly the application was perfect due to the precision of the pen, and secondly the colour was so pigmented.

I wasn't heading out or anything so I decided to put the lippie through a little test so to make this post worth while.... Insert massive bowl of chicken noodles and errm a glass or two *cough cough* of Pepsi. After a few slurps later and a look in the mirror I must say it held up quite well. There was some colour missing from the centre off my lips but it was nothing that smooshing them together couldn't fix. All in all I'm quite impressed, and I'm sooooo rocking the red today (If it stops bloody raining!).

The Fat Balm is also  lovely, it smells sweet and gives lips a sheer tint of colour and your cheeks a pop of freshness.

Everything is available from Eyeko and the Liptastiks are currently on deal HERE or they are priced at £6.50 each as is the Fat Balm.

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