mardi 7 juin 2011

So I'm a fan of all bracelets small and rustic, whether they are charms on string or just a plain leather strap. I always seem to be drawn to these simple yet attractive pieces of jewellery.

These babies (£1.99 H & M) caught my eye instantly. Available in an array of colours I could have easily purchased them all! Seen as these babies were placed right by the till (argh!!!) I found myself uncontrollably chucking them down on top of the pile of my clothing being scanned through the till -_- . Eventually I told myself "NO" and settled for these 3.

I'm loving H&M at the moment, they are stocking a lot of these these type of bracelets which is all good for me, and I'm pretty sure they have loads on deal too. I shall definitely be making a return visit!

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