vendredi 17 juin 2011

So yesterday I passed by Boots to pick up the new Limited edition bronzer from 17 in Miami pop. Little did I know that if you pick up two 17 items you get a FREE nail kit in a bag which includes 2 polishes a mini nail file and some nail art stickers. So of course I picked up a polish for myself. My camera wasn't quite picking it up but Sherbet Lemon is a must if you love your pale pastel tones, finally a yellow that suits me *punches air*

Onto the bronzer, I'm loving it. This is definitely one for those with a darker skin tone too. The golden sheen is immense without the glitter ball effect. Applied with a light hand your cheeks will no doubt be the sexiest ones around, I'm so taking this on holiday, I'm feeling this would be amazing over a tan.

Last but not least the mini nail art kit. For the polishes alone its worth it. I'm not sure if the colours vary but inside my bag was Pink Grapefruit and Knockout Red. Both colours are lovely and the red is so opaque which is a major plus. I'm also loving the mini nail file you get with it *pops it in handbag* I'm not sure about the heart shape stickers though, I think I may send them in my child's direction -_-  ......

Definitely check out the Miami pop bronzer if you haven't already, I think it cost about £4.50 well worth the change. They also have two polishes (a pink and an orange) and a gloss(pink) available as part of this limited edition collection encase that floats your boat. I don't think this collection is around for long so if you are interested in it I pick up your pieces now.

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