mercredi 27 avril 2011

Hey ladies, Just a quick post....
Yesterday I met up with Shirley for a spot of shopping and my new drug.. Chocolate cream frappucino lol.

Just thought I would share on here a couple of pieces I picked up, as I did a haul with Shirley already (up soon) But these a just a few bargain pieces I think you should check out.

Firstly Primark have gone there and totally ripped off the classic box shaped Topshop bag. There was a manky white one on the shelf and I wasn't too sure where they were going with that : / but then I saw this beautiful tan one. It doesn't look at all like it came from Primark. So much so when I whipped it out my bag to show my friend her exact words were "That's nice, is it from Topshop (insert gasp) its from Primark" . For £9 people this is an actual steal.

Secondly the black patent bag that caught my eye whilst I was queuing up. Cute and classic, it has a long strap which is always a must for me and it looks a whole lot more expensive than it actually was *cough cough* £7

And last but not least, whilst I was waiting for Shirley (She was late *shakes head* LOL) I picked up a couple pieces from the GoGo Philip range in Topshop. Im a lover of teeny charms on necklaces so this cute cross £5.50 and heart £7.50 were right up my street. There is another piece I'm lusting for from that stand, and I totally forgot to go back and get it, I now have that annoying "why didn't u just pick it up feeling" inside. I will definitely have to go back.

Anyhoo, I had a lovely day apart from when I had a chunk of MSF natural planted in the middle of my head in Mac!! .....whole other story lol, hope you enjoyed the post.x

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