mardi 26 avril 2011

Hey guys, just another quick post about something I'm sure everyone knows about. But for those whodont, I'm about to clue you up.
This little tube of goodness you see before you is Elizabeth Arden's 8hr cream, If you have seen it talked about on tv you will already know its one of the top beauty must haves. Basically this one tube of orange gel has a multitude of uses. Dry skin, Sun burn, Chapped lips... whack some of this on and in 8hrs your sure to be in a better place than you began.

You would assume something so moisturising would be greasy, but I don't find that it is at all, its like the skin just absorbs it.

I personally love this stuff, Ive been using it on a random dry patch that likes to come an visit me every time the weather changes, but this time the jokes on the dry patch lol. I have also been using this a highlight, that's right a highlight!!!! its perfect alone for a natural sheen on the cheekbone area or mix it with a pink or gold toned powder to give yourself a radiant boost, and it really lasts.
This is one of those things that should definitely lay beside your carmex in your handbag. You can pretty much pick this up from anywhere nowadays, or just hit google to grab yourself a bargain. Alternatively if you think your lucks in over on the Elizabeth Arden facebook page HERE they are giving away a product a day.

If any of you guys have any other uses for this, let me know....

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