mardi 1 mars 2011

Today was an 'I cba' day so I threw on what was clean. I also thought it turned out quite nice so here are a few snappy snaps.

Burgundy cardigan, carboot - £1
Chiltern-esque satchel, carboot - 50p
Leggings, primark - £7
Belt, primark - £2
Primark chain pumps, carboot - 50p
New look silk shirt, ebay - £10
Robot necklace, christmas present
Nautical brooch, birthday present
Heart ring, sisters

The cardigan is always on this blog but It is literally the comfiest thing in the world. I just shoved on some leggings from primark, and my new look silk shirt that I got for more then half the retail price via ebay. I actually adore it!

Not much to say today, got a few pretty things to show you including this bralet corset top that I got and is aaaaaamazing. Like one of those items that just fits right and feels right and looks so good. I will show you all soon no doubt!

I broke my favourite alexa mulberry lookalikey bag :( I was running to work and the strap broke off. It was temporarily fixable but only so I could hold it, it looks daft as it is tied to the handle bit. So I need a new one. And to top it off I broke my chiltern-esque satchel (pictured) :( The strap has also come off haha. FML. This one is more fixable though with super duper glue. *sigh*

Also, in English Language today we were talking all about language used in blogs etc and it was so weird talking about them... seen as no one knew I had one! And how they don't really know as in depth about like, the blogging communities and stuff etc, it was strange to hear them talk about it so objectively. And she also mentioned the word 'fans' which made me cringe, I don't think anyone is a 'fan' of my blog, I see people as friends and followers. How bizarre!

Just thought I'd try do more OOTD's, even if they're a little boring like this. Expecting some nice things in the post so will update when all that arrives. Hope you're having a nice first day of March (February literally went so fast!!)

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