mercredi 5 janvier 2011

Hey ladies, I'm back... I hope you all had a great Xmas and new year. I just thought I would do a quick post on a little discovery I made on Christmas eve.

As we all know Superdrug had 3 for 2 on cosmetics over Christmas. Now I'm not one to spend money when I don't have too *cough cough lies!* but I do like to think that technically I am saving if theres an offer on. So I picked up a couple of bits then I started searching the shelves for a 3rd item,oh the stress nothing would do! until .....

*Insert Angel music*

I saw this beauty sitting on the shelf just dieing to be swatched. At first I thought nothing of it, and after I swatched it I put it back. But then I heard that little voice inside of me (you girls know the voice I mean) the one that says," if you don't buy me now your going to get home and regret it, and you know when you bring yourself back to this shop, I ain't gonna be here!!"

Don't fear ladies, as you can see from the pictures above I clearly listened to the voice. If your ever in superdrug or boots and you see Rimmel Summer Angel pick it up!! I'm not usually a fan of pink lipstick at all, but this is so pretty, it gives lips a subtle hint of colour, enough for people to say "ooh whats that" and it isn't at all drying. It is now my everyday go to lippie.

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