vendredi 10 décembre 2010

Some of you may have seen me post this wild like bush on twitter a while back before I went to bed.

Please don't be alarmed, I did not stick my finger in a socket, this is my hair when its left to air dry naturally. The above picture was taken when it was about 70% dry, It only grew bigger with time -_- I used to have much more of it when I was younger and was nicknamed 'lion' whenever anyone had attempted to give it a blow dry, and again -_-

Its all well and good having hair like this if you've got an on tap zoo keeper to tame it, which I sadly do not have. Nothing and I mean nothing has ever tamed my hair in its natural state, Its definitely in a league of its own

Enter Umberto Giannini new Curl Friends range, designed to help curly head girls stay frizz free....

The Hairspray...
This spray is one like no other, no matter how much you spray, it never gives your hair that crunchy cornflake feeling. It smells lovely and definitely keeps style in place for a solid few hours. I would recommend this to anyone really, I have used this when my hairs straight and its just as good.

The Serum....
Designed to keep frizz at bay and enhance your curls leaving them shiny and smooth, without leaving you looking like you have dunked your head in a bucket of grease. This definitely passed the test, I pumped a lot of this stuff into my hair and all I got was shine, no grease. I do have the type of hair that soaks up moisture like a sponge though, so bare that in mind.

The Mask...
If you love the feel of a rich intensive mask slathered all over your head, then you will love this whether your hair is curly or straight. The treatment itself is an intensive moisturising conditioner that helps tame frizz and repair damage hair. I kept this on my hair for around 10 min, and wrapped my head up with cling film and a warm towel (oh the glamour). Once I had rinsed this out my hair felt so soft and there was a definite shine.

All in all I love, and I would say you could definitely use these whether your hair is straight or curly. If you are going to try these on naturally straight hair, make sure your hair is on the thicker side as I'm not sure if these would weigh down thinner hair.

Sadly my hair defeated these products, although my curls were much more defined my root area was just out of control, which is the norm for me. I gave in and headed to my straighteners, but I was left with uber shiny hair so that was a bonus.

I'm fighting a losing battle when it comes to taming my natural hair, I'm never going to win.

The Curl Friends range is available in Boots right now, but isn't available online yet.

Each product retails at £4.89

Have any of you tried these? or maybe you just have a magic tip for dealing with unruly curly hair....

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