vendredi 26 novembre 2010

Yesterday I took advantage of the ASOS 20% discount and free next day delivery, not full advantage mind....... as I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet : /

I placed my order at around 4pm yesterday, and my door was being knocked at 7am this morning.......
I whittled down 10 pieces of jewellery to 2, please don't ask me how, this is some what of a miracle to me too. I picked up these babies because they were so simple put different. I'm not really a fan of bling, but I was drawn to these like a moth to a flame.
You don't even wear them like you would a standard chain, they simply just hang round your neck. I hope I don't lose them ........

I also picked up this tusk bracelet, which looks A-MAZ-ING on. Is it possible to love a piece of jewellery?

The best thing is the price
Head phone necklace £11.00 HERE
Tusk bracelet £6 HERE
I know Asos offer a free delivery as standard, so I think I will be popping over there soon to pick up the treasure I had to leave behind.

Did any of you take advantage.......

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