samedi 13 novembre 2010

I love Maybelline colour sensations. It was one of these lipsticks that made me realise I could wear lipstick. Recently they added some new shades to the range as well as expanding it with the newly advertised colour sensation pearl.

As well as smelling sweet and yummy,I find these lippies to be very nourishing. Swatches below are in the same order as above.
I have also done some lip swatches for you. I haven't used anything to block out my natural lip colour which is actually quite dark, so please be aware the colours could look a lot different on someone else.
Pink punch is a bit brighter in reality (bloody camera) and kiss pearl is slightly more pearly.

The colour sensation lipsticks are very pigmented especially the brighter shades. I usually find one swipe enough for me. On the other hand, colour sensation pearl is more natural looking, great for those who prefer a more subtle lip. The colour pay off is sheer and natural leaving lips with just a hint of colour.

You can pick up these lovely lippies from Superdrugs or Boots
Colour Sensation rrp £6.99
Colour Sensation pearl rrp £7.19

Whats your favourite Colour Sensation?

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