lundi 1 novembre 2010

Want your liner to STAY on your water line? Then keep reading....

Im not really a youtube person, but when I am in need of a tip, its the first place I head.

I had given up on lining my water line as the liner just never seemed to stay put. So whilst laying in bed I started punching every variation of 'eyeliner tips' into youtube. A load of things came up so I clicked on the video with the most views. It was by a girl called juicystar I think (Il find it and link it below)

Anyhoo, she shared a tip that every girl should know.

All you need is....

A cotton bud
Your chosen liner
An eye shadow in a dark shade
And a brush

So here are the steps
1. Lightly sweep the cotton bud along your water line to soak up any moisture

2. Line your eyes with your chosen liner,I used a gel one by sleek

3. Once you have lined your eyes, take your brush to your chosen eye shadow, tap off excess then lightly pat it over your liner

Thats it,your done!!

I had to share this for those who may have also been in the dark like me because it REALLY works.

I applied my liner at 10.30am on Saturday and removed my make up on x factors first add break, which I believe is after 9pm. The liner was still there and in tact with a slight wear on the outer corners, that was hardly noticeable.

I had to clean my water line to get the liner off! Enough said....

You can check out the video HERE

I hope this helps other ladies like me,let me know if you try it.
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