dimanche 10 octobre 2010

Im in trouble this winter,and this is why

No no,its not a blanket,its my new scarf,hand knitted by my friends mummy.

Its so nice,all I did was wrap it round my neck on the day she told me it was finished,and everyone in the room first gasped "omg where did you get it from" followed by "oh I want one"

Everyday im praying for a small blizzard to hit,so I can whip this baby out.

Its so warm,thick and cosy.No high street store scarf has got sh*t on this.

I also love the fact that nobody else will own anything remotely the same.

You cant even get the wool she used to knit this aymore.

I saw another scarf she had just finished knitting the other day,and if it was physically possible for someones jaw to hit the floor,mine would have.

Next time I go round I shall take pictures. Im going to be placing my next order fairly soon.This is the start of a very beautiful addiction.

So what do you think,do you like my scarf? and do you like owning things that others just cant pop down to the high street to buy?
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